Weaknesses of Windows 10 That Have Not Been Activated

Weaknesses of Windows

idnewsnetwork.com – Now We will discuss 2 weaknesses of windows 10. That have not been activated, aka not cracked.

We can can use windows 10, even without activation. Unlike the windows before, which must be activated within 30 days.

This is one of the privileges of Windows 10. For those who are lazy to look for cracks or buy Windows 10 license. It is the solution.

Like I explained in the first paragraph. There are 2 weaknesses of windows 10, if it hasn’t been activated. It is not too significant on function as an operating system.

Here are 2 drawbacks, if your Windows has not been activated,

– The “Activate Windows” watermark appears in the lower right corner
According to my experience. This watermark does not have great impact to the performance itself. During the first 30 days, it will arise drowning. After 30 days, the watermark will become permanent.

– The “Personalize” menu is disabled
The functions of the personalize menu to set the appearance. Like wallpaper, lock screen, theme, taskbar, and others. Important or not? All returned to yourself.

So, basically we can enjoy Windows 10 with all its functions (without personalizing) for free. Of course without having to activate it. This operating system also seems to be a kind of freeware or shareware.
I don’t know the reason why Microsoft wants us all to use Windows 10. Is the Bill Gate conspiracy theory? Maybe.

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