Waterfall Tour in Bandung is similar to Niagara, how come?

Waterfall tour

idnewsnetwork.com – Bandung, a city in West Java, Indonesia, which has the nickname the city of flowers. Apart from its distinctive nickname, Bandung is also rich in natural tourism. One of them is waterfall tour in Bandung which is almost the Niagara waterfall.

This waterfall tour in Bandung is called Curug Malela. Its appearance is magnificent, surrounded by lush forests. Make nature tourism lovers even more curious.

Location & Route

To reach the Curug Malela waterfall, I prefer to use a motorbike rather than a car. Apart from being faster, we will have more freedom to enjoy the trip.

I suggest going through the Cimahi route, rather than Ciwidey. Even though it will turn around, the road conditions are smoother and safer to drive.


After passing Cililin, we are very easy to find the road directions to the Curug Malela waterfall.

This waterfall tour in Bandung is open from 08.00 to 16.00. Entrance fee is only IDR 12,000 per person. This fee does not include parking fees.

Path to Waterfall

Well, this is a bit draining calm. Don’t expect that when you arrive at the parking lot, we can immediately enjoy the beauty of the Curug Malela waterfall.

We need to walk about 30 minutes. Go down the stairs and a fairly steep descent to get to Curug Malela.

Don’t forget to wear anti-slip footwear, because the roads are quite slippery when it rains.

Tiredness That Pays Off

After walking for 30 minutes. We will be presented with a view of the Curug Malela waterfall before our eyes.

The scenery we are about to witness is not a myth. Imagine, a waterfall up to 50 meters wide by 70 meters high.

The sound of the flow of water falling from the top was like driving away despair when it arrived there.

Waterfall tour

The best spot to take pictures is Plaza Curug Malela. The plaza was built when Dede Yusuf served as deputy governor of West Java. Cool, right?

A tip from me, if you are interested in visiting here. Leave early in the morning, because the journey is quite far.

The trip can take 3.5 to 4 hours. Use anti-slip footwear and provide drinking water.

If the route feels heavy, use the services of a motorcycle taxi driver. There are motorcycle taxi drivers to get off and go up after enjoying the Malela waterfall.

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