Taro Plants in Tapin, Hunt for Caladium to the Forest

taro plants

idnewsnetwork.com – In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, taro plants are booming in Tapin Regency, South Kalimantan.

This plant, known as the Latin caladium, grows wild in many forest areas and has various types.

The caladium trend in Tapin is not only loved by women, but also by men.

They also collected taro or caladium plants.

Muhammad Badridin (29), owner of Caffe Ruai Rindu in Tapin, is one of the ‘crazy’ taro.

Badridin was willing to look into the forest in the hilly area to just fill his spare time, hunting for caladium.

3 months ago, in addition to other plants, he has collected 10 variants of taro. Such as white taro, skull taro, arrow taro, blood taro, black rod taro.

“At first, because my friends were busy planting taro in Tapin, I joined in too. From the rice fields to the forest in the hilly areas I looked for it. Yes, making a collection, was fun. Yes, as well as a Caffe decoration,” he said.

For his new hobby, millions of rupiah must be spent. For example, to buy flower pots or hunting costs. Unfortunately for Kaladi, Ubad, as Badridin is called, is not willing to sell the plant.

“It’s not for sale, dear. It’s hard to find it,” he said with a laugh.

Tips from Ubad for the maintenance of taro plants so that anyone can do it. The method is very easy.

“Just give it fertile soil and water it regularly, because the plant’s climate is actually in a humid place,” he explained.

Source: apahabar