South Kalimantan Cuisine You Should Eat

South Kalimantan – The capital city of South Kalimantan, Banjarmasin. Banjarmasin known as the city of a thousand rivers. In culinary, Banjarmasin and the surrounding area do not want to be outdone.

The delicious taste of culinary is not just a figment. It is even famous to various regions in the archipelago.

Here are 8 types of culinary specialties of South Kalimantan,


Soto Banjar

Soto is one of the most popular Indonesian dishes. Almost every region in Indonesia has its own special Soto. In Banjarmasin which is famous for its Soto Banjar.

This Banjar special food has a sauce that is rich in spices. Comes with salted eggs, shredded chicken, rice cake, and various other ingredients.

Coupled with lime juice, making Soto Banjar is not only filling but also refreshing.


Gambut Duck Rice (Nasi Itik Gambut)

The next culinary specialty of South Kalimantan is Gambut Duck Rice. As the name implies, this food from the Gambut area. Gambut was located next to the city of Banjarmasin. It Made of rice and duck cooked with various special spices.

By processing and seasoning, making the spicy and sweet taste of this culinary spice absorbs into the duck meat.

Usually, this typical South Kalimantan food is sold in banana leaf packages. Adding to the delicious aroma of this dish.


Cacapan Asam

Cacapan Asam is the next typical South Kalimantan culinary which has a very distinctive taste.

Made from a variety of chopped fruits and mixed with other spices. Such as tamarind, shallots, cayenne pepper, and salt. This typical South Kalimantan culinary taste is refreshing.

Cacapan Asam has a combination of sweet, sour, spicy, and savory flavors. That are often used as a companion to various other typical South Kalimantan dishes.


Ketupat Kandangan

Ketupat Kandangan is a typical culinary originating from the Kandangan area. 135 km to the north of Banjarmasin City. Like ketupat in general, the ingredients for making ketupat come from rice.

The difference with other types of ketupat is the use of snakehead fish (haruan).

This snakehead fish is grilled first before cooking using coconut milk. Then, the snakehead fish and its broth are poured over the diamond.

This culinary can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Patin Baubar

For fish culinary fans, Patin Baubar can be the next South Kalimantan specialty that can be tasted.

The key to the delicacy of this one culinary delicacy is the abundant spices. It crushed with the catfish meat first before burning on the stove.

The cooking process is what makes the savory taste. The aroma from the spices seep into the meat. It makes the taste of this typical South Kalimantan dish delicious.



Made from preserved cempedak fruit skin. Mandai is a typical food of the Banjar community which is quite popular as a souvenir.

The combination of the savory and sour taste of this food is very unique which must be tasted.

Intrigued by the taste?


Pearl Soup (Sop Mutiara)

Another unique choice of specialties is Pearl Soup or in Banjarese language is Sop Mutiara.

The name Pearl was pinned because it was made from ground chicken. Then, make it into a round dough like meatballs.

Together with other ingredients and spices, this chicken meatball is then cooked in a very tasty milk sauce. Accompanied by a plate of rice, this typical South Kalimantan dish is delicious to eat in cold weather.


Baayak Porridge (Bubur Baayak)

Made from rice flour, wheat and water. Baayak porridge is famous for its sweet and savory taste. With a thick texture and soft grains of flour dough. Make this special food even more unique.


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Source: Tapay Way

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