School Facts in Indonesia

School Facts – If you are someone who comes from abroad. Then, you have to go to Indonesia to attend school. So don’t be surprised by the following school facts in Indonesia.

  1. Children who enjoy learning are always bullied and are considered bookworms.
  2. Only 1 or 2 students are serious about going to school.
  3. Hang out at the Warung after school.
  4. Students who smoke in Indonesia are considered brave by their friends.

Actually, there are many more oddities that occur in Indonesian schools. This is all caused by the education system in Indonesia which always focuses on final values.

In fact, the final grade is always the benchmark for classifying a child. Is the child stupid or smart?

Even though the predecessors of education in Indonesia in the past did not think so. Its main educational function is to humanize humans.

Apart from the main function of education. The school facts in Indonesia is indeed interesting. Even become its own characteristic. Maybe it could also be another cultural property.

So, are you still thinking about going to school in Indonesia? If yes. Welcome to Indonesia.

Source: Quora

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