The Story of Salim bin Abdullah, Grandson of Umar bin Khatab’s

Salim bin Abdullah – Salim bin Abdullah RA is grandson of the Caliph Umar bin Khattab RA. Salim is not only similar in physical form and adultery. But in his courage to convey the sentence of rights despite the heavy risks.

He once met Hajjaj bin Yusuf – a ruthless leader – to discuss the needs of the Muslims. Hajjaj greeted him well, he was welcome to sit by his side and was respected.

A few moments later, several prisoners came before Hajjaj. Their clothes in tatters, their faces were pale and all were in shackles.

Hajjaj turned to Salim bin Abdullah RA, and explained, “They are troublemakers on earth. They have issued the blood that Allah has forbidden.”

Then Hajjaj took the sword and handed it to Sallim, as well as gesturing to the prisoners to come forward. She says to Salim.

“Get up and cut his neck.”

Salim receives the sword, he goes to the person in question. He stood in front of the man and asked.

“Are you a Muslim?”

“Yes I am”, The prisoner answer.

“Are you praying at dawn?,” asked Salim.

“Yes I am. Are there any Muslims who do not pray at dawn?”

“I asked if you were performing the dawn prayers today?”

“May Allah give hidayah. Yes of course I will pray at dawn today.”

Then Salim returned to Hajjaj while throwing the glance he was holding, and he said. “This man claims to be a Muslim.

He said that today he has performed the dawn prayer. While I heard the Messenger of Allah say that whoever prays at dawn is in the shade of Allah.”

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