Clash of Police and Rizieq Supporters, 6 People Killed

rizieq supporters – Police officers clashed with Rizieq supporters of Front Pembela Islam (FPI) in Cikampek area. Monday (7/12). As a result, 6 people died in this clash.

“This morning at around 00.30 WIB on the Jakarta Cikampek Toll Road, KM 50, there was an attack on a member of the National Police who was carrying out investigative duties related to Rizieq Shihab’s planned investigation which is scheduled to take place today at 10. 00 WIB,” said the Head of Metro Jaya Police Inspector General Fadil Imran.

Masses who attacked the officers were the ones who were deployed to guard Rizieq’s questioning. The masses are in a vehicle.

“When the members followed the vehicle suspected of being Rizieq’s followers. The officers were caught and then attacked using firearms,” ​​said Fadil.

“Members who were threatened with their safety. Because they were attacked then took measured decisive action against the group suspected of being HRS followers. Six people died,” he added.

On the way to the location. Rizieq supporters was suddenly intercepted by an unknown person.

He suspected that the men were part of a stalking operation to harm Rizieq.

“The OTK thugs who were in charge of the operation intercepted and fired shots at the family guard troops,” said Aziz.

Source: CNN Indonesia

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