900 Habib Rizieq Shihab Banner is Put in Order

Rizieq Shihab

idnewsnetwork.com – Pangdam Jaya, Maj. Gen. Dudung Abdurachman said that up to now, at least 900 banners displaying a picture of Habib Rizieq Shihab had been put in order by the joint apparatus since the end of September 2020.

“Until now, there are almost 900 [banners] in DKI [being put in order], there are even residents who have come down,” he said in Jakarta, as reported by Antra, Monday (23/2).

According to Dudung, efforts to control the banners were carried out by joint officers of the TNI, Polri, and Satpol PP because the installation location was inappropriate and violated public order.
Dudung said that efforts to remove banners had even been carried out in the last two months.

“Two months ago, TNI, Polri, and Satpol PP carried out the [banners]. Initially, the Satpol PP was demoted, but the Islamic Defenders Front [FPI] asked to be raised again. Who are they? ” said Dudung.

Dudung emphasized that efforts to control banners in DKI Jakarta did not only apply to posters displaying Rizieq Shihab’s image, but also to other banners that were not installed in their place.

“We take down the posters, not only Rizieq Shihab, but we also take down other posters. The illegal ones we takedown,” he said.

Head of Information at the Regional Military Command, Lieutenant Colonel Arh Herwin Budi Saputra, added that the banner with the image of Rizieq Shihab was considered to have the meaning of provocation.

“What is wrong with Indonesia until there is a moral revolution. It contains provocation,” he said.

Efforts to curb the Habib Rizieq Shihab banner also took place in several other areas outside Jakarta, including East Java.

“The Pangdam and the Kapolda are in synergy together. This is for the country. The Pangdam has stated that those that disturb stability will be dealt with together,” he said.

Source: Antara

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