Rasulullah SAW was Dressed Cleanly and Neatly

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idnewsnetwork.com – Rasulullah SAW often advised his people to pay attention to his appearance by maintaining cleanliness.

As quoted from Republika, Rasulullah SAW always dressed cleanly and neatly. He is one of the people who choose the color selection. Of all the colors, she prefers white and feels comfortable wearing white clothes.

Described in the book of the Prophet Muhammad every day by Muhammad Ismail Al-Jawisy, there is a hadith which states that Rasulullah SAW once wore red clothes.

From Abu Ishaq, he said, “I heard Al-Barra, he said, ‘Rasulullah was of medium build, broad shoulders, dense hair flowing down his shoulders and up to his ears. Once upon a time, he wore red clothes, no one was more handsome than him, “(HR Muslim 4308, Bukhari 3287).

Rasulullah is a figure who really pays attention to harmony in his appearance. This was also proven during the conquest of Mecca, he wore a black turban because the flag that was flown at that time was indeed black.

Rasulullah also encouraged his companions to always look good by wearing beautiful clothes.

Once upon a time, the Prophet saw Malin bin ‘Auf wearing worn clothes, even though Allah had given him abundant wealth in the form of livestock both camels and goats. Then the Prophet rebuked him, “Surely Allah is pleased when he sees his servants show the” blessings “that have been bestowed upon him,” (HR Ahmad).

So it is clear that beautiful clothes are the first thing that a servant sees as a form of gratitude for the blessings bestowed by Allah. Rasulullah always wears good and clean clothes because this is one of the characteristics of a noble peace of mind, especially in public places and when gathering with the general public.

Source: Republika

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