Legalization of Marijuana in Indonesia, Is It Possible?

marijuana – Several countries around the world are starting to legalize marijuana. mostly for medical purposes. But there are also those who permit the use it for recreational purposes.

Even the neighboring country, Malaysia, is now in the process of legalizing marijuana. How about Indonesia?

Marijuana in Indonesia is included in class I narcotics, equivalent to opium and cocaine. There are legal consequences if you are a user and dealer in Indonesia. Namely, four years imprisonment to life.

The Indonesian government still believes that the abuse of marijuana can cause addictive effects, damage to organs, and the brain.

Do you think you agree with the legalization of marijuana in Indonesia or not? Let’s discuss it briefly.


We need to know the long history of marijuana in Indonesia. It has been used since the days of the kingdom in the archipelago before the Republic of Indonesia was formed for rituals and treatment.

There is no definite data on when and how it entered Indonesia. But there are pieces of historical records that we can put together.

Some scientists say that marijuana originated from Qinghai Lake in the Tibetan plateau. But according to the Indonesian History Dictionary, it originated around the Caspian Sea. Indeed, there is no definite data on the origin of marijuana until it entered Indonesia. However, researchers are still finding out.

According to the Executive Director of the Sativa Nusantara Foundation, Inang Winarso, in the research and several historical documents he has collected. Marijuana entered the archipelago brought by traders and sailors, from Gujarat, India to Aceh in the 14th century. The sailors also brought marijuana to eastern Indonesia such as Maluku.

Marijuana at that time was categorized as a spice. So, it can be used as a transaction tool to exchange with other spices. Such as cloves, pepper, vanilla, and many other spices in the archipelago.

In addition, there are also reliefs similar to pictures of marijuana leaves in Kendalisodo Temple, Mount Penanggungan, Mojokerto. But it cannot be ascertained by artifact studies, whether it is marijuana or not.

Research on the history, culture, and benefits of it in Indonesia is still minimal. Even though it thrives in Indonesia.


Our ancestors used marijuana in four functions, namely ritual, medicine, foodstuffs, and agriculture.

In our ancient Tajul Muluk manuscript in Aceh, it can be used for the treatment of diabetes or diabetes. According to news circulating, this practice is still being carried out today, although in secret.

In addition to medicine, the people of Aceh used to use it as a food flavoring and appetite enhancer. Beulangong sauce, duck curry sauce, and spices porridge. Can you imagine what it feels like? fly ……

Then, marijuana is also used by Acehnese farmers to repel rice pests, because the aroma is very strong.

Apart from Aceh, in a note, it is also used by people in Maluku. In an article entitled: “Marijuana in Indonesia” by Dania Putri and Tom Blickman.

It is used by the Moluccans, smoked, and also drunk by their steeping water for meditation and ritual purposes. They also use it root as a remedy for gonorrhea or gonorrhea.

Then, cannabis leaves brewed with nutmeg can treat asthma disorders, pleuritic chest pain, and bile secretion.

Even during the Dutch colonial era, advertisements in newspapers stated that marijuana was promoted as a remedy for asthma, difficulty breathing, sore throat, and insomnia.


From its historical records, it has been used quite often by Indonesians in the past. Marijuana is now seen as a dangerous narcotics, following the formation of the law on narcotics in the era of President Soeharto.

Since then, the coverage in the mass media has changed drastically. From those reporting about the benefits of it, now it is news about the arrest of marijuana users and dealers.

In Dania Putri and Tom Blickman’s research, to date, no one has died from marijuana. Plus dozens of countries have legalized it for medical purposes. So, according to them, it is time for Indonesia to open up to conduct research on the benefits of it for medical purposes.

So, what do you think?


Source: Hancau

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