Having Spinal Infection, Nur Was Paralyzed For 3 Months


idnewsnetwork.com – In 2016, Nur Aini (35) felt very sad because her spinal infection had paralyzed her legs for three months.

“Of course I could no longer work at that time and I seemed to be less enthusiastic about doing activities every day,” he said as a written statement received by Kompas on Friday (20/11/2020).

She is a Nurse

However, this woman, who works as a nurse in a hospital in Pematangsiantar City, is not discouraged. He also underwent treatment at the Horas Insani Hospital (RS).

Long story short, I was referred to the Putri Hijau Medan Hospital where the doctors obliged me to perform operations on the spine. It was only after surgery and recovery that my condition slowly recovered, ”he said, Wednesday (11/11/2020).

Nur also said that she was treated using the National Health Insurance Card Indonesia Sehat Card (JKN-KIS) which was managed by the Health Social Security Administration (BPJS) when she had spinal surgery.

He admitted that he was very lucky to be registered as a JKN-KIS participant because all operating costs were covered by the JKN-KIS program.

“I don’t know how to express this happiness anymore. Because as far as I know, the disease that I am experiencing must be very expensive. I am sure it will cost hundreds of millions of rupiah, ”he said.

If he used his own money, Nur admitted that he would definitely not be able to earn that much money.

Nur said, when he was able to walk again and be able to do activities as before, he was very happy and touched by all that he had experienced.

Nur also expressed his deep gratitude to the government and BPJS Health for guaranteeing all the medical costs.

“Hopefully this JKN-KIS program will always exist and continue to be able to maintain and improve services. Because of course, many people need this program with the principle of cooperation, ”Nur concluded.

Source: Kompas

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