Gudeg Kangen, Typical Yogyakarta Culinary in Banjarmasin

Gudeg Kangen – Banjarmasin inhabited by various people, including Yogyakarta. In the midst of that diversity, various dishes are served in the city which is nicknamed the Thousand Rivers. One of them, Yogyakarta special food, Gudeg.

For residents of Yogyakarta or the Banjar people who have tasted this food, there is no need to worry.

Gudeg Kangen, can be an alternative as an antidote to longing.

Gudeg Kangen can be found on Jalan Sungai Andai Komplek Kayu Bulan, North Banjarmasin.

Veronica as the owner of Gudeg Kangen tries to offer it.

In fact, if you are lazy to leave the house. Gudeg Kangen can be ordered via WhatsApp.

Interestingly, many customers are ordering via online, in the midst of the current pandemic.

“We miss and miss Yogyakarta’s special culinary delights. So we call it Gudeg Kangen to treat the feeling of missing people who can’t go home because of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Ms. Vero.

Ms. Vero said that actually the business she started with her husband Agus Cahyo started as a prank.

But over time, friends and husband encouraged him to take this dish made of young coconut milk to be taken seriously.

Because, it tastes good. Then, the husband helps through his personal network on social media.

Gudeg Kangen in Banjarmasin

“The response from friends is positive, so we just keep on selling Gudeg,” said Vero.

Vero admits that for now he only sells Gudeg food at the house where he lives. This location is easy to find because it can be accessed via the google map.

Her two children also helped. Because currently school activities were temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But in the future, he will immediately flap Gudeg Kangen’s wings so that it can be reached by a wider audience.

Every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, he holds Gudeg Kangen in front of the house. Starting at 06.00 WITA every morning.

At Gudeg Kangen, this Yogja specialty is sold at a price range of IDR 17 thousand to IDR 25 thousand. It depends on the side dishes the buyer wants.

“So it’s a kind of lesehan like the atmosphere in Jogja. So that it doesn’t disappear and residents who are riding can stop by,” explained Vero.

He revealed that customers who order Gudeg dishes vary. From Yogyakarta residents who live in Banjarmasin to local officials.

Online motorcycle taxis also enjoy this service from Gudeg Kangen.

In fact, the sales were so popular, The maximum supply of 100 pcs per day was unable to fulfill consumer orders.
As a result, Vero is often forced to reject some orders.

“Yes, if you want to order Guded Kangen, order one day in advance because we always provide this food fresh,” she said.

Meanwhile, one of customers is willing to take the time to visit Vero’s house to experience this Gudeg Kangen culinary. He admitted that during the pandemic. He could not return to his hometown, including during the last Eid Al-Fitr momentum, so he missed being warm.

“I am very grateful to feel this Gudeg food. It can be a remedy for homesickness and hopefully this Gudeg is maintained,” he said.

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