Gorontalo Strict Requirements for Schools to Reopen

idnewsnetwork.com – Acting Head of Gorontalo Province Health Office Misranda Nalole, Sunday (22/11), said that if the direct learning process of schools is reopened, it must meet strict requirements.

“There are important points that need to be considered in accordance with the governor’s direction, to conduct a thorough review. But if it has been decided, face-to-face schools must prepare the infrastructure for prevention of transmission and a commitment to strictly implement health protocols,” he said in Gorontalo.

He also hopes that cross-sector coordination is related to support the role of the health ranks. Coordination starts from the district/city government to the Puskesmas, to commit to supervising and mentoring schools in implementing health protocols.

“We all have to realize that opening face-to-face schools will increase the risk of transmission. Therefore, never mess with the Health Protocol, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap with running water, keeping distance, and avoiding crowds. This is so that new clusters do not emerge from the school, “he said in Gorontalo.

The decision to open a school will be given to three parties, namely the local government, regional offices (Kanwil), and parents through the school committee. The parents of each student are free to decide whether their child will attend a school or not, even though certain schools and local governments have decided to reopen face-to-face learning activities.

The central government decided that local governments could open face-to-face schools during the Covid-19 pandemic starting in January 2021. This was decided through a Joint Decree (SKB) of 4 ministers, namely the Minister of Education and Culture, Minister of Religion, Minister of Health, and Minister of Home Affairs.

Opening these learning activities must meet requirements including sanitation, health facilities, readiness to apply mandatory masks, and temperature gauges. There is also a mapping of the education unit, to find out students who have comorbidities and the approval of the school committee and parents/guardians.

Source: Republika

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