Batu Sawar Cave a Hidden Natural Beauty

Batu Sawar Cave – Batu Sawar Cave, is a hidden natural beauty of the Hulu Sungai Tengah. One of the natural beauty is potential in Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency, South Kalimantan.

In this regency, many tourist destinations are still rarely visited. Hidden from tourists, this cave is one of them.

South Kalimantan has no end to amaze me. Apart from tantalizing culinary delights, thick culture is added to the exotic nature treasures.

I feel lucky to be born in the south of this island, which is often nicknamed Borneo. Even though I was not fully raised in this province, I am still proud.

Located in the Batang Alai Timur District. This cave is about 5 hours drive from the capital city, Banjarmasin. Located at an altitude of 200 meters which is located on Bukit Sawar.

It is named Batu Sawar Cave by the local community. Because the cave is a land for harvesting fertilizer from bat droppings.

Getting there covers a distance of 1.14 kilometers on foot. The route is steep and through the rocks will take steps to the mouth of the cave.

The journey which is quite tiring will be greeted with a unique cave architecture. It is naturally carved and spoils the eyes of tourists.

The mouth of the cave is fairly wide. In fact, it is so wide that the entire cave can be seen that there are two gaping holes on it. The sunlight entering through the two holes will also add to the natural beauty in this cave.

In this cave, two hole can lead us to the other side of the cave. To increase the potential of this location even more. It is of course expected that maximum management from the local government is expected.

Source: Hancau

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