Accident in Cakung, Metro TV Journalist Died – A Metro TV journalist with the initials IHR was involved in a traffic accident in the Cakung area, East Jakarta on Sunday (22/11/2020). As a result, IHR died.

“Yes (died). People from Metro TV will just ask,” said Head of East Jakarta Metro Police, Kompol Telly Bahute, Sunday.

The accident case was confirmed by the Chief Editor of Metro TV, Arief Suditomo. “That’s right. Yes, Metro TV reporter,” he said.

Arief could not explain in more detail about the incident. Because now he is taking care of the victim’s body.

“Bro, I can’t talk anymore, I’m taking care of the body. But I confirm it, it’s true,” concluded Arief about the accident.

Hit the Garbage Truck

Head of East Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters, Kompol Telly Bahute, said the accident involved a motorcycle that the victim was driving with a garbage truck.

“But the point is that an accident did occur, in the Cakung area, to be precise in front of the Toshiba. A motorcyclist, namely Vespa, hit a garbage truck that was parked,” he concluded.

Source: Liputan6

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