4 Ways to Make ‘Healthy’ Instant Noodles

Instant noodles

idnewsnetwork.com – Instant noodles are often seen as unhealthy food. However, if it is processed properly, it can become a “healthy food”.

There are many tricks that you can imitate as a way to make it healthier to reduce guilt.

Here’s how to make healthy instant noodles, according to Michigan State University Extension.

1. Simple Additional Seasoning
Discard the small pack that accompanies instant noodles. Most of the sodium levels in it have exceeded the sodium recommendations Dietary Guidelines.
Add some spices, if possible, which you don’t need to cook anymore. Examples include sesame oil, miso paste, soy sauce, fish sauce, Thai curry paste, and Japanese curry powder.

2. Add Vegetables
A bowl of instant noodles can be boring. For that, you can add a ‘colorful’ dish to make your food taste more delicious.
Add some fresh vegetables. Such as collards, lettuce, and carrots. Vegetables can provide you with essential nutrients.

3. Add Protein
To make instant noodles healthier, you can add some protein of your choice. You can add eggs to the noodle soup or choose hard-boiled eggs that can be sliced ​​in half.
If you don’t want eggs, lean beef can be an option.
To add extra flavor, you can saute it with salt and pepper or soy sauce before adding it to it.

4. Sauteed Noodles
Not in the mood for a bowl of instant noodles? Try sauteing noodles. In boiling water, cook the noodles separately until tender then removes and dry on a plate. Saute the noodles in a hot skillet with a little vegetable oil. Add chopped vegetables and sliced ​​meat or tofu.
Finally, season with salt and pepper, soy sauce, or even chili slices.

When cooking, pay attention to the amount of salt and sugar you add to your food.

In addition to these four options. you can make it healthy by processing your own noodles with natural ingredients.

Source: CNN

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