20 Things About Indonesia You Must Know

20 Things About Indonesia

idnewsnetwork.com – Indonesia is a rich country. Rich in terms of culture to resources. However, do you know that there are 20 things about Indonesia that are quite influential in the eyes of the world.

Here are 20 things you need to know about Indonesia


Indonesian batik is liked and often used by Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Sophie, Queen Juliana, and even Bill Clinton.

Wooden Batik

Indonesian wooden batik handicrafts in Sendangsari Village, Bantul. It has penetrated foreign markets, namely Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Minions Language

Minions language in the animated film ‘Despicable Me 2’. Mixture of Spanish, Italian, English, Greek, and Indonesian.

4th Position

Indonesian is in the 4th position as the largest language used on the WordPress internet content publishing platform.


Dishes such as Ayan Penyet, Nasi Padang, Fried Banana, Cendol. Entered as ’40 Singapore food we can’t live without ‘the CNNGo version.


Tin from Bangka Belitung Island has an important role in the raw material for making smartphones around the world.

Traditional Songs

Indonesian traditional songs. Such as Nina Bobo and Bengawan solo are well known in the world.


Michael Reynold Tagore is an Indonesian, who became an animator in the films The Hobbit, The Avenger, and Iron Man 3.


Indonesia has the largest ethnic group in the world with 17,508 islands.


Island of the gods Bali is one of the 10 most romantic islands in the world. (Travel + Leisure magazine)

Eat Pray Love

The scene of Julia Robert cycling in the film ‘Eat Pray Love’ made Ubud, Bali, into the top 10 places to win the spiritual place category.

Keroncong Music

David Foster admitted that his song ‘To Love You More’ by Celine Dion was inspired by Indonesian keroncong music.

Waterboom Bali

Waterboom Bali is included in the list of 10 favorite entertainment places and waterparks in Asia, beating Disneyland Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Gmail Background

Gmail email background theme ‘Cherry Blossom’ was made by an Indonesian named Vania Sofiandi.


In Den Haag there is the Munirstraat road, which is dedicated to Munir, the human rights fighter who died on the plane that took him to the Netherlands.

Virus Inhibitor Vaccine

Artina Prastiwi from Indonesia is the inventor of a bird flu virus inhibitor vaccine, which is made from the extract of the Mahkota Dewa fruit.

Smallest Primate

Indonesia has the world’s smallest primate, the Pygmy Tarsier (Tarsius Pumilus). Which only exists in Sulawesi.


Seeing the sunrise at Borobudur Temple is ranked # 1 from the list of the most beautiful places before someone R.I.P (CNN).


The delegation of the world farmer organization ‘La Via Campesina’ considered Indonesian farmers to be one of the best community groups in the world.


The native tribe of Madagascar is called Afro-Indonesian because Indonesians first inhabited it around thousands of years ago.

Source: quora

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